Why should you partner with your insurance company and BitCareCoin?

Welcome to a newest approach to medicine.  We understand that the United States has less than ideal life expectancy and increased healthcare costs but we are here to help.  If you are reading this, your insurance company has likely partnered with us and our goal is to educate you, provide a safety net, and incentivize you for being proactive in your care.

By addressing your care and submitting secure updated health information to our portal, you will receive BitCareCoin.  This is truly the first healthcare cryptocurrency in the market.  You will use this modern day currency to pay your deductibles, co pays, insurance balances, medications, or other health related products. 
We look forward to partnering with you and providing a better future for yourself with incentives along the way.

Please note: If your insurance company hasn’t signed up yet, you aren’t eligible for rewards. We have included a shareable link you can send them. In the meantime, you’re still able to purchase BitCareCoin from our site.