Healthcare 2.0

Improved healthcare outcomes at a discount

Welcome to the future of healthcare.  At BitCareCoin, we specialize in a unique behavioral modification model focused on preventative care and wellness.  Our primary focus is to contract with insurance companies. These agreements enable health plans to utilize a national cryptocurrency BitCareCoin on universal discounts for patients (deductibles, co pays, insurance balances, medication and other health related products).  Imagine an incentivized Health Savings Account for completing annual health visits, care gaps and better health.  The enclosed tabs break down the areas of concentration for insurance companies and patient rewards.

How did we start?

I started my career serving the sickest 5% of the population.  These individuals were homebound with 2 or more chronic conditions.  On average, each patient had not seen a provider in over 5 years.  The sickest 5-10% of our patients were accounting for 90% of healthcare expenditures in the United States.  If many of these patients had proper education and incentives early on, many of these health conditions would have been addressed sooner.

Why Us?

BitCareCoin is focused on addressing the gap in healthcare and partnering with insurance plans.  Our goal is to educate, promote awareness, incentivize individuals, and lower health care costs.  I hope we have the opportunity to work together.


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